Dog Beds For Dogs With Arthritis

Dog Beds For Dogs With Arthritis

The best dog bed for dogs with arthritis

Does your dog suffer from sore joints?

Do they struggle to get in and out of their current dog bed? An orthopaedic dog bed can be a little slice of heaven (or should we say a slice of roast chicken) for your pooch.
Older, recuperating or arthritic dogs will benefit from foam dog beds, since they are firmer and easier to get in and out of. They will provide greater support than your usual dog bed.

The best bed for arthritic dogs is the orthopaedic dog bed. It is made with convoluted memory foam which provides the ultimate comfort for your four-legged friend. It is low to the ground making it easy for your dog to stand up after laying down and also helps avoid painful pressure points.

Dogs with arthritis will also greatly benefit from a bed that is heated. A warming bed will provide a safe spot for your senior to gain relief, relax and sooth sore joints. Simply place this Snugglesafe heatpad on their dog bed. It microwaves in minutes and stays warm for up to 10 hours, so it is sure to keep your pup warm throughout the night. Another great bed for those who want to rest their weary bones is the Snuggle Pod. Your canine can lounge on top or inside - use a heatpad for extra comfort and warmth.

Have you read our ultimate bed buying guide yet? We have three important factors you must first consider to make choosing the right bed for your dog easy!

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