Why we LOVE Ivory Coat dog food! Transformation Stories

Why we LOVE Ivory Coat dog food! Transformation Stories

New Product Ivory Coat

Best-of-breed Canine Cuisine: Ivory Coat Dog Food!

  • Australian made

  • Ultra-premiumn grain free dog food

  • Delicious gourmet dog treats

Ivory Coat is a natural grain free ultra-premium food, with added vitamins and minerals to provide our companions with complete balanced nutrition. Ivory coat contains only quality ingredients, including a high concentration of protein and known superfoods… It's not just another dog food.

Ivory Coat source ingredients locally from Australian suppliers and insist on only the best. So why do we LOVE Ivory Coat Dog Food? Ivory Coat has improved the lives of many Aussie companions. The success stories "bark" for themselves, just take a look at these transformations from Ivory Coat's 30 day Glossy Coat Challenge:

courtnery after
Staunch's Transformation

What Staunch's owner had to say: "Staunch the cavoodle was the "ugly duckling" of his litter, his coat hadn't grown in properly and had a significant amount of balding. The before photo is at 3 months old the after at 5 months old. Only two months on ivory coat puppy food and shampoo and his almost unrecognisable. Couldn't be happier, also have our two older dogs on the adult formula." - Courtney Hayward

Rosey's Transformation

mel white 1What Rosey's owner had to say: " My lab, Rosey, loves her food and even has a tendency to become a bit 'curvy' at times. Over the years, she has had a variety of foods and myself, as a vet nurse, have ensured she has a quality diet. During my studies, I have learned that a quality dog food should be 'complete and balanced' as well as not be full of 'fillers' such as grains and cereals. Dogs benefit from meat and veges, NOT grains. After testing some samples, I ordered a bag of Ivory Coat - Turkey, and Rosey absolutely LOVES it! She is happy and so am I, knowing I'm providing her with a great product that is Australian made, and actually a lot less expensive than some of the other 'top brands' on the market. As a 35kg dog, the 13kg bag works out to cost me $2.87 per day. Happy human, happy dog" - Mel White

elle morganBetty's Transformation

What Betty's owner had to stay: "Betty the French Bulldog cross Boston Terrier, my foster dog from Maggie's Rescue. We saved her from the AWL on Christmas Eve and brought her into care due to her severe skin condition. The before shot is the week before Christmas, and the after shot is the week of Australia Day. Only four weeks on Ivory Coat Turkey and Duck and bath products and she was like a whole new dog  a proper life changer for this little lady" - Elle Morgan

amanda ruttenJayde's Transformation

What Jayde's owner had to say: "Since starting on ivory coat Jayde has slimed down a lot and her coat is amazingly soft and shiney. Everyone always comments on it. Im always recommending to everyone to try Ivory Coat, best food on the market!" - Amanda Rutten

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