DIY Dog boredom buster game

DIY Dog boredom buster game

The muffin tin game

Did you know that boredom and excess energy are the most common reasons for dog behaviour problems? Help combat dog boredom with this easy-to-make DIY dog boredom buster game; your little pups will never get tired of this fun and entertaining activity! It’s a perfect game to play at anytime of the day and it only requires a few items, all of which you will have around your home.

How to prepare the fun:

1. Grab you pooches favourite treats, a muffin baking tin and balls in different sizes.

2. Place the treats inside the muffin tin and cover the opening with tennis balls and squeaky balls.

3. Done! Get the game started and watch Fido search for the treats!DIY boredom buster

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