Lemmy at it! Meet the newest DOGUE HQ member!

Lemmy at it! Meet the newest DOGUE HQ member!

lemmy at it

A huge welcome to DOGUE’s newest team member…LEMMY!

Lemmy is a working diva (part-time farm dog and part-time fashionista) who spends her week in both the Southern Highlands chasing cows and at DOGUE HQ creating mischief and attending team meetings. Read all about this cheeky pup:

  • Name:  Lemmy (in honour of the legendary lead singer of Motorhead, as in “lemme a fiver..”)

  • Breed: Mutt.  Mum is a lab x kelpie, dad is a wheaton border collie.

  • Sex: Female

  • Age: 13 weeks

  • Humans: Margaret Hennessy (DOGUE CEO) and Adrian Tucker (DOGUE Business Manager)

  • Aspiration: To be a legendary working diva, ie a working dog who is also a fashion diva…”I want to round up cows while wearing the very latest bling.”

  • Home:  I live on a 100 acre property with a vineyard at DOGUE Country Retreat also with Coco-NUT (shih tzu x foxy), Stevie Ray Vaughan (ginger cat), Angie (rabbit), Gazza (Galah), 6 chickens, 4 guinea pigs (The Spice Girls), 25 cows, kangaroos, wombats and of course, I get to play with all the guests at the Retreat (I plan to round them up too!)

  • Best trick (s):  Shake paws followed by an unintentional roll over; race around the guinea pig mansion; bowl over whoever is in sight, lick Angie and Stevie.

  • Conspirators:  COCO-nut, Stevie, Gazza and Angie

  • Favourite Toy:  Ugg boot (just the left foot)

See how dog-gone adorable she is and don't forget to follow her adventures over on Instagram @lady_lemmy! Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think it takes to be a working diva!

Lemmy Collage
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