Miyow & Barkley Behind The Brand

Miyow & Barkley Behind The Brand

M&B Behin the brand

Us mutts at DOGUE were lucky enough to catch up with Instagram sensations Noodle Brains and Goggles – the stylish pups behind the brand Miyow and Barkley.

Miyow and Barkley’s stylish collection of designer pet accessories includes fashionable jumpers, beds and toys and is a long time DOGUE favourite! After a belly rub…or two, we got the scoop and here’s the bark-down:

Noodle Brains - "Btw I athsked mum to transthlate causthe I have a funny talking voice, fanksth.

How did Miyow and Barkley begin?

Mum started Miyow and Barkley because of our big brother, Jessie the Burmese cat (aka Mr Shnerden Burgen & Crunchy). In the winter months he would ask to go outside then 5 minutes later he would want back in again, this cycle would go on and on, until one day Mum decided to make him a coat so he would be comfortable enough to stay outdoors for longer periods and the rest is history.

Do you have a favourite Miyow and Barkley piece?

Noodle Brains, "My favourite piece is the Barkingham Grey hoodie cause mum laughs at me when I wear my hoodie and it's super comfy.

Goggles, “At night when it’s cold, I don’t like to get under the blankets like my sister, so my favourite piece is the Velour Joey cause it’s super warm, snuggly and soft to wear to bed."

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What is your number one fashion tip for fellow fash-hounds out there? Who are your fashion inspirations?

Noodle Brains, "My number one fashion tip is to just be yourself and wear what makes you feel like strutting the pavements like no one is watching. I like to wear things that don't restrict my movements and let me pee without having to take it off.

Goggles, "My fash-hound inspiration is my big sister Noodle Brains. She always wears her jumpers and coats with a confidence I can only try to emulate and that's why I follow her wherever she goes!"

What’s your favourite thing about autumn?

Noodle Brains, "My favourite thing about Autumn is that we can go for walks anytime of the day. I get too hot in the summer so I enjoy a nice cool breeze. I also get to try on all the new fashions that mum has designed for the coming fall/winter and I love it because it means all the focus is on me.

You are Instagram sensations @crunchy! How do you cope with all the fame?

We love it when we are out and people recognise us because lots of people want to take photos and that makes them smile, which makes us feel really happy and excited.

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What’s next for You and Miyow and Barkley?M&B Behin the brand 4

Noodle Brains, "Mum has two new knits coming out this season and I was the first one in the world to try them on. They are both unisex which means that all my friends can wear them. That's all I can say because mum says I won’t get any treats or scratches if I give too much information away.”

Love Miyow and Barkley as much as us?

You can follow Noodle Brains & Goggles through their Miyow and Barkley Facebook page, Instagram @crunchy, and Twitter!

Being such fash-hounds, DOGUE just had to have the girls as our A/W 2015 LookBook Cover models. You can check them out here!

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