Ultimate Bed Buying Guide For Dogs

Ultimate Bed Buying Guide For Dogs

The ultimate buying guide for dog beds

No two dogs are the same and providing your dog with a bed that gives them privacy, security and comfort is very important.

We have three important factors you must first consider to make choosing the right bed for your dog easy!

1. Your dog:

  • Anatomy – Are they tall or short? Light or heavy? Young or old? Understanding your dog’s size and their needs will help you find the best bed that suits them.

  • Coat – does your dog sleep belly up? Or constantly get up from one sleeping spot and move to another? These are some of the things your pup will do to keep cool. If your dog has a shaggy coat they will overheat on plush surfaces, so as comfy as the bed may be certain features will make dog beds impracticable for some canines.

  • Sleeping Preference – Whether it is lying flat or curling up, every pup has a preference. Dogs that love to spread out shouldn’t be forced to curl up in a bed with sides.

2. Bed Type:

  • Sided dog beds

    • Good For: dogs who love to prop their heads or cuddle and nest against something at night. A good choice for dogs who prefer the sense of security from being enclosed in the sides.

    • DOGUE Recommends: Jacks Dog Bed

  • Rectangle dog beds-Good For: dogs who love to occupy a large space and spread out.

  • Round dog beds- Good for: dogs who love to curl but no so much cuddle against something.

    • DOGUE Recommends: Limited Edition Round Dog Bed

    • Tip: When you measure your dog for a round bed, measure from their nose to their bottom. The bed needs to be large enough to fit your dog when they want to lay out flat too.

  • Cave dog beds

    • Good for: dogs who have strong urges to den. If your dog loves to sleep under bedding or inside a pile of dirty laundry, then these beds are a great choice.

    • DOGUE Recommends: Snuggle Pod Range in Vintage Beige or Micro Suede

  • Nest Dog Beds

    • Good for: dogs that like to circle around before snuggling down on a soft surface.

    • DOGUE Recommends: Cuddler Dog Bed

3. Features

  • Stain-resistant and odour minimising

    • Good for: active canines who like to be outdoors or those who tend to slobber all over the place.

    • DOGUE Recommends: Smartbed lounger in Navy or Khaki

  • Easy wash and care

    • Good For: puppies, older dogs and those who spend a lot of time outdoors

    • DOGUE Recommends: Sorrento buddy dog bed

  • Sleep in style

    • Good for: dogs who like to dream in classic style and sleep in the lap of luxury. Suits those with shorter coats who like to keep warm and comfortable.

    • DOGUE Recommends: luxury faux fur dog beds in chocolate and chinchilla

  • Match your interior space

    • Good For: dogs who want to match where they snooze with the flow of their décor.

    • DOGUE Recommends: Dark weaved pet basket

No one loves sleeping on a hard floor - A dog bed is an investment in your pup’s happiness and it is important to get it right! Take a look at all of our dog beds, and stay tuned next week for “The best bed for arthritic dogs”.

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Ultimate buying guide for dog beds
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