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DOGUE has a huge range of products to jazz up a dog’s life and sometimes it's just too hard to make a choice because everything looks so barking good!

Don't fret because we're here to make the decision easier - we have the THE LIST of products you just can't live without. Decided by DOGUE Staff and DOGUE Customers (two-legged and four!) our Heores will help you eat healthy, fight against boredom and of course: they make you look absolutely paw-some!


  • Fit’n’Flash Treats: 100% all natural, human grade treats. Nothing extra added. The most rewarding treat for your little pooches! Shop here!
  • Fuzzyard Toys: They’re soft, plush, colourful, and fun, yet they stand the test of time. Shop here!
  • DOGUE Fleur Beds: Back with applause–these beds are a forever DOGUE favourite. Shop here!
  • ZiwiPeak: Considered the crème de la crème of canine cuisine. Shop here!
  • DOGUE leather walkwear: Fine leather walkwear that captures every canine’s style demands. Shop here!
  • Aikiou feeder: This hero continues to keep our canines well-occupied, stimulated and challenged. Shop here!
  • Henry Hottie: The best therapeutic bed that provides coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter. What more could you need! Shop here!
  • DOGUE Neem Miracle: Canine’s are looking better, feeling better –thanks to the miracle of Neem! Shop here!
  • Pop-up Bowls: The must-have portable bowl. Eco-friendly, non-stick, nontoxic, rustproof, and waterproof! Shop here!
  • Bronte walkwear Collection: This premium canvas collection always makes a bold statement. Shop here!
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