7 Instagram Rescue Dogs That You Need To Follow!

7 Instagram Rescue Dogs That You Need To Follow!

Brighten up your Instagram feed with some Rescued love!

Instagram is not just used for photos of selfies, brunch, cocktails or legs on the beach anymore - it's now a pooch lovers paradise! There are now endless doggie accounts out there for us to follow, all as adorable as the last! So where to begin? Well since it's Rescue Month at DOGUE, we thought we would share some of our favourite Rescue Dog accounts! Here are 7 gorgeous Instagram Rescue Dogs that you need to follow right now:

Steve and his entourage - which include Senior Rescue Dogs, Bikini the pig, Stuart the rabbit, Oprah the chicken and more! (@wolfgang2242)

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After the loss of his beloved red miniature Pinscher Wolfgang, Steve decided that he would devote his life to adopting and taking care of senior dogs and other animals who had trouble finding homes. Follow Steve and his gorgeous gang and witness more of these ridiculously adorable group shots!

Marnie the Shih Tzu (@marniethedog)

Look I'm a flowery princess

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There is really not much to say about this 15 year old rescue pooch, except LOOK AT HER FACE! Marnie and her adorable tongue are sure to provide you with lots of smiles and laughs - and she seems to know quite a few celebrities too!

Pikelet and Patty Cakes - plus other foster pups and kitties (@lifeofpikelet)

Family: Where life begins and love never ends. #fosterfamilyforever

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If it's pooches in PJ's that you love, then look no further! Follow rescue pups Pikelet and Patty Cakes as they share their lives with other foster pups and kittens who are looking to find their forever homes.

Pollywaffle the Staffy plus her big sister Mandi and two little brothers, Buddha and Tater Tot (@pollywafflesworld)

Who said you only need one coat in winter.... #matchymatchy #winterwoolies

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Pollywaffle is a gorgeous deaf staffy who (if you can believe it) was left at the pound twice and spent time as a foster pup within the care of @lifeofpikelet. Pollywaffle spends her days with three gorgeous siblings at her much loved forever home.

Trigger the Staffy/Kelpie mix and Mia the Kelpie/Pug mix (@trigger_and_mia)

Friends forever.... The End.

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This brother and sister duo are are inseparable and it just makes our hearts melt! These two gorgeous rescues love to cuddle too, so be prepared to for a lot of 'AWWW' moments during your daily scroll through Instagram.

Candice and her six rescue dogs, Roofus, Kilo, Moo, Lucky, Bella and Penny plus a whole heap of foster pups (@roofusandkilo)

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To many dogs in her care, Candice is a hero. Candice dedicates her days to caring for and fostering misunderstood and neglected animals as well as volunteering with local rescue groups. Candice shares many videos on her account, so we are sure her account will bring you lots of happiness and make you smile.

Toast the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel puppymill rescue (@toastmeetsworld)

Casual Thursday at @rebeccaminkoff with @elizahiggins

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She is one of the most stylish pups in the fashion world - you might know the adorable Toast from her trademark floppy tongue and love of oversized designer sunglasses! Toast also has a couple of very cute sisters - who are also puppymill rescues, check out @muppetsrevenge and @underpantsthedog for triple the laughs and smiles.

If you're thinking about extending your family with a beloved pooch, remember to always check your local dog shelters first - you never know, you may just meet your furry soulmate there.
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