Behind the brand: PAWDinkum

Behind the brand: PAWDinkum

Welcome to an exclusive exploration behind the scenes of PAWDinkum - uncovering the story, passion, and creativity shaping this beloved pet brand.

How was the brand created?

Big dreams have small beginnings, I always roll in a very organic way and follow my intuition. I knew I wanted to create a wholistic brand for dogs inside and out. We have recently launched some beautiful beauty spa treatments for dogs that are divine.

What was the inspiration?

By default, my love for my dogs. Through adversity comes creativity. I knew I wanted to create a business after my food styling career of 20 years. My dog died unexpectedly 7 years ago, I seemed to channel my grief and started baking healthy snacks for Dobby one afternoon. It struck me there and then as the biscuits were coming out of the oven that there was nothing out in the market place that was healthy that I would give my dog. I set about a year of researching, consulting veterinary experts and wholistic healers, plenty of recipe testing, not only on dogs... (humans too, mainly my very obliging husband)! I set about putting a healthy range of snacks looking at the common ailments of the canine, like stinky breath, achy joints and lack lustre coat.

What is your favorite from your range?

They are all pretty amazing! Jowl Wash in the spa range and Woof Fresh in the oat snack range, both are vegan. Though the Chicken Chia-licious is pretty delicious too!

Woof FreshWhat are your doggies names and what do they mean to you?

Dobby our 16 year old rescue Pomeranian/Spaniel - I always say: if he was human, I’d marry him (my husband just rolls his eyes). Dobby has those wise, tell me all about it, you’re safe with me eyes! Holly our 6 year old English Cocker Spaniel was to be a show dog, but her previous owner rejected her as she was too long. As her birthday is on Christmas Day she was named ‘Holly‘ She totally loves her role as taste tester and chief family cuddler.

We also have some special weekend visits from my stepdaughter Annabelle’s gorgeous toy cavoodle Ruben, who is 7 and a total bundle of joy.

Why is dog health so important to you?

We are living longer healthier lives and so are our dogs. Dogs are an integral part of well being and family life. Nurturing a dog’s wellbeing has profound effects on your own health. I call them the LOVE medium in our house.

What are your best tips for throwing a doggy pawty?

Have a theme and color palette, weave that through the party.

    • A MUST have celebration cake

    • Pawty foods (approx x 4 varieties)

    • Water to keep the pups hydrated

    • Don’t forget the doggie take home bags

7. How do you keep your pets cool over summer?

HYDRATE! Make sure there is always plenty of fresh clean water available and a shaded place to rest out of the sun. Bring them inside with you to rest if it’s cooler. Walk them early in the day before the sun gets too hot.

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About the author: 


is the brainchild of one of Australia’s most successful food stylists and recipe developers, Fiona Rigg. Fiona has set up a purpose built studio kitchen in Red Hill South, on Victoria’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula. Her dog biscuits are hand-made using organic, local and the finest quality ingredients available.

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