Style Your Pooch With Winter Apparel and Accessories

Style Your Pooch With Winter Apparel and Accessories

If you're a glamour pup, playful pup or a little bit bohemian we have the latest winter apparel and accessories to match your style! 

Glamour DOGUE

Glamour DOGUEGlamour DOGUE

If you're a Glamour DOGUE, then fashion is your middle name! You enjoy everything glitz and glam and just love being pampered. Not one for the outdoors, you tend to enjoy travelling in the comfort of your paw-rents arms or in designer bags. The word 'casual' isn't in your vocabulary and there is no such thing as too much bling.

Your style: DOGUE Cable Knit Sweater and match with DOGUE Luxury Collar

Hipster Hound

Hipster HoundHipster Hound

Hipster Hounds aren't fussy when it comes to fashion - as long as what you are wearing is brunch worthy and looks ridiculously cool: you're content. You are a relaxed pooch who enjoys going for walks and seeing friends down at your local park.

Your style: Huskimo Aspen Jumper or Kazoo Flano Shirt and match with a Huskimo Snood

Working Dog

Working DogWorking Dog

Working Dogs want only one thing when it comes to fashion - durability. Your ideal weekend consists of being outdoors, getting your paws dirty and heading to Bunnings for a day of DIY shopping and maybe even a sneaky sausage. Baths aren't really your thing, a rinse off in the river is good enough.

Your style: DrizaBone Ashfield Wool Coat and match with Mog & Bone Rope and Leather Collar

Bohemian Beauty

Bohemian BeautyBohemian Beauty

Bohemian Beauties enjoy the simple pleasures in life - cosy blankets, walks on the beach, yoga. You describe your style as naturally effortless, yet undeniably chic. You enjoy heading out and about with your beloved humans - so long as you're home at a reasonable hour as you need your beauty sleep.

Your style: Sebastian Says Merino Wool Cable Knit and match with Sebastian Says Leather Collar

Playful Pup

Playful PupPlayful Pup

Playful Pups just love to have fun! Playing games, going for walks, meeting up with friends at the park, chasing birds - you're always up for anything! Because you're constantly on the go and enjoy being active, you really don't mind what you wear - just as long as the clothes don't get in the way of your play time, otherwise hello nudie runs!

Your style: Dharf Water-Repellent Jacket or Kazoo Funky Coat and match with DOGUE Striped Canvas Collar

Dapper Dog

apper Dogapper Dog

Dapper Dogs just love attention! You expect lots of pats and cuddles when you hit the town and like to make use of your adorable charm to get what you want. You take pride in your appearance and always dress classy and wear the latest trends... it's no wonder you get so much attention wherever you go.

Your style: Dharf Designer Jacket or Alqo Wasi Floral Majesty Sweater and match with Dharf Bowtie Collar

Relaxed to the Max Pooch

Relaxed to the Max PoochRelaxed to the Max Pooch

Relaxed to the Max Pooches just love to well, relax! Not fussed by anything, you just simply go with the flow and enjoy life's simple little pleasures - good food, good water, comfy beds, animal planet. Because lounging around is your specialty, comfort is the only thing you worry about when it comes to style!

Your style: Hamish McBeth Wool Jumper or Huskimo Cable Knit Jumper and match with Minimink Faux Fur Blanket


Working Dog photo via @drizabone on Instagram

Bohemian Beauty photo via @willicute on Instagram

Relaxed to the Max Pooch photo via @rosie_the_minidachshund on Instagram
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