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FurFresh Joint Support Meal Booster 200g

FurFresh Joint Support Meal Booster 200g

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Introducing the FurFresh Joint Meal Booster - the perfect new addition to your pups meal! 

Meal toppers and mela boosters are a great way to provide your pooch with essential nutrition, on top of their general food. Sprinkle some of this FurFresh meal booster onto your furry friends breakfast, lunch or dinner to help promote their good health. Proudly made in Australia with locally sourced ingredients, this joint booster is packed with the goodness of nourishing, soothing and joint-strengthening ingredients to support your pups joint health. 

  • Ideal for dogs of all ages (can be used preventatively). 
  • Promotes joint mobility and works to reduce stiffness. 
  • Contains anti-inflammatory ingredients. 
  • 100% natural and human grade ingredients. 
  • No synthetics. 

Your pet will adore this delicious new FurFresh Joint Meal Booster. This dog supplement uses natural, human grade ingredients that are well researched, allowing them to support and promote improved joint health. The FurFresh meal booster aims to assist with the easing of symptoms for pets with arthritic conditions. 

100% Human Grade Ingredients: 

  • Tumeric 
  • Chia Seeds
  • Devil's Claw
  • Rosehip Powder
  • Tasmanian Sea Kelp 
  • Reishi Mushroom 
  • Kale Powder (organic) 

Feeding Guide:

Sprinkle over wet food or mix with a little warm water into a paste, and form into moulds. To feed on dry food, mix with a small amount of oil and drizzle over. 

  • Dogs <5kg: 1-2g/day
  • Dogs 5-15kg: 3g/day
  • Dogs 15-25kg: 4g/day 
  • Dogs 25kg+: 4g-6g/day  

Note: Turmeric is a natural dye and may stain fur, clothing & utensils. 

Store in a cool, dry and dark place.