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DOOG Neosport Hip Belt Bag

DOOG Neosport Hip Belt Bag

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Introducing the DOOG Neosport Hip Belt in green, navy or black, the ultimate accessory for active dog owners who love to explore the great outdoors with their furry companions.

This innovative and ergonomically designed hip belt revolutionizes the way you walk, run, and adventure with your dog, providing comfort, convenience, and control like never before.

The DOOG Neosport Hip Belt is crafted with high-quality, durable materials to withstand even the most rugged adventures. The belt features a sturdy and adjustable strap that securely fastens around your waist, allowing for ultimate comfort when exploring with your pup. 

  • Made from perforated neoprene which is anti-microbial and quick dry 
  • Stylish design includes tassels and zipper toggles 
  • Carries phone, wallet and dog treats
  • Pick up bags included 
  • Perfect for dog walking and exercising with your furry friend
  • Can be worn on the hip or across the body 
  • Bag Size: 27cm x 16cm x 5cm
  • Strap can adjust from 100cm - 160cm

Designed with versatility in mind, the DOOG Neosport Hip Belt features a built-in pouch that can accommodate all your essentials. Whether it's treats, waste bags, a smartphone, or keys, you can conveniently store your belongings while keeping your hands free. This hands-free convenience allows you to maintain better control over your dog, preventing tangles and trips.

The DOOG Neosport Hip Belt is adjustable, accommodating various waist sizes and body types. It comes in a stylish and sporty design, adding a touch of flair to your outdoor adventures.

Experience the convenience and style of walking with the DOOG Neosport Hip Belt. With its durable construction, comfortable fit, and innovative features, this hip belt is a must-have accessory for active dog owners who value quality, functionality, and style. Embrace your next adventure with your furry friend and let the Neosport Hip Belt enhance your outdoor experiences.