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Nina Ottosson Dog Worker Dog Puzzle

Nina Ottosson Dog Worker Dog Puzzle

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The Nina Ottosson Dog Worker Treat Dispensing Puzzle Dog Toy is the perfect interactive toy for your furry friend.

Designed using high-quality, durable materials to mentally stimulate your dog and keep them entertained for hours. This puzzle dog toy is perfect for dogs of all sizes and breeds, featuring a series of sliding blocks, which your dog must navigate to reveal hidden treats. 

The puzzle dog toy is easy to use and can be filled with your dog's favourite treats or kibble. Simply hide the treats in the compartments and watch as your dog uses their sense of smell to discover them.


  • Centre spinning wheel to hide and reveal treats
  • Various treat compartments and sliding blocks to hide treats in 
  • Level 3 Nina Ottosson Challenge 
  • No BPA or PVC and removable parts for a safer play
  • Great for your pup to enjoy when they are home alone

You can also place frozen treats or pastes inside the nooks to make the puzzle more interesting and stimulating for your dog. For example, you can  use pet-safe bone broth or wet dog food placed inside the freezer for these delicious treats for your pup.

In addition to providing hours of entertainment for your dog, the Dog Worker Puzzle Toy also has several other benefits. The mental stimulation it provides can help to reduce boredom and anxiety, which can lead to a happier disposition and reduce instances of destructive behaviour. In addition, you can use this puzzle dog toy as a slow-feeding tray if you want to control your dog's food portions and eating habits. 

The Nina Ottosson Dog Worker Treat Dispensing Puzzle Dog Toy is a fantastic toy for any dog owner looking to keep their dog entertained and occupied. Its durable design and ability to improve problem-solving skills make it a must-have for any puzzle-loving pup.