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Snuffle Dog Mat Lili

Snuffle Dog Mat Lili

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Snuffle Mat - Entertain your pooch with the gorgeous Santiago Snuffle Mat interactive feeder!

These Snuffle Mats are an exciting, unique and interactive new feeding device which are all the rage in the pet community! Not only are these great feeders fun and inspires so much playfulness and movement in your pooch, they are also the perfect boredom buster. Simply sprinkle your pups treats or kibble around the gorgeous 'petals', hiding them under all the fabric, and let your pooch snuffle their nose in and search for all the tasty goodness! A Snuffle Mat dog enrichment toy is bound to keep your pup entertained and amused for ages. Not only that, but the Snuffle Mats sold by DOGUE look gorgeous and stunning. Mixed with flamboyant and fun colours, these are sure to make a statement and your pet will look absolutely adorable enjoying themselves with this interactive feeder. This design is the gorgeous Santiago mat, a lovely blend of purples, greens and blues, and featuring wide, snuffly gaps. Snuffle Mats also fold up small, perfect for storage when not being used! This great boredom busters dog enrichment toy is made from recycled fabrics from waste and offcuts, and are repurposed to create high quality and durable pieces, which promote slow eating, mental stimulation and excitement.

    • 50cm in diameter.
    • Made from recycled fabric from waste and offcuts.
    • Repurposed as high quality polar fleece.
    • Backed with grip bottom to reduce slipping.
    • Perfect dog enrichment toy to promote slower eating and mental stimulation.
    • Sure to keep your pup entertained for ages!
    • Available as the gorgeous Santiago design.

If you're looking for a dog enrichment toy to keep your doggy entertained, the Lili Snuffle Mat will be perfect for you!

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Cleaning Instructions:

    • Gentle Machine Wash
    • Lie flat to dry