Giving the Pawfect Bath

Giving the Pawfect Bath

50e40d903937482321438a883696aadcMost pups would prefer to miss bath time and play outside instead BUT...

Regular baths play an important role in the health of your dog’s coat and skin.

Grooming your pooch aerates the coat, promotes good blood circulation, and keeps grease levels down. Ideally you should be brushing your pup once a day, because it’s important for their wellbeing. This is the time where you can check for lumps, cuts, or skin problems. For most dogs, bathing once a month works well, but if Fido enjoys playing in puddles or swimming, you may need to bath more frequently.

The best way to decide whether or not your pup needs a bath is to give him a good whiff. If he doesn’t smell so good, put him in the tub!


What You Will Need

  • Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Several thick towels

  • Hair Dryer

  • Topical Spray

  • Gentle voice and a few treats

Before the Bathbc8df4d7ba4aeb5cc5e157965d5d2fef

Brush your pup’s coat to ensure you detangle and remove any knots. Knots worsen once they get wet, so you want to alleviate any potential discomfort.

Add a little warm water and either have our dog step into the tub/sink or lift them up and gently place them into the water.

During the Bath

Always keep a hand on your dog at all times, even if they have never tried to jump out. When your dog relaxes and remains still, praise him. A massage behind the ears or a treat will help a skittish dog to relax.

  • 26eca5cd6db11d05ff7c5a640e1ee652Soak fully using a spray or cup to pour water over their entire body.

  • Use a good quality dog shampoo such as DOGUE's Neem Miracle Collection. Do not use your own shampoo, as human products will dry out the coat of your dog.

  • You can place the shampoo directly on your dog, or you can dilute with warm water. Mix thoroughly and pour onto the coat, ensuring it does not get into their eyes.

  • Lather the shampoo onto their body and on the pads of their feet. Since most dogs don't enjoy getting their faces washed, save this until the end.

  • Lather shampoo on the top of their head, on the hair around their muzzle, and the ears. Take care not to get shampoo into their eyes (cover their eyes with one of your hands or use a washcloth) or water into their ears. Keep the shampoo on for a few minutes before rinsing.

  • Rinse your pup with warm water, ensuring all shampoo is washed from the body.

  • Use a Conditioner such as Neem Miracle and massage into the coat. Keep the conditioner on your pup for a minute or two then rinse out.

86b68776d1fc5a4c7ddf7bc312ebde96After the Bath

Once you’ve finished, wrap your pup in a towel quickly before he shakes (but chances are you are already soaked!). Gently pat dry, but do not rub the coat of a longhaired dog as this will tangle the hair. Keep your dryer on the low or cool setting.  To avoid tangling of the coat, use a brush as you dry. Once they're dry finish off with DOGUE's Neem Miracle Spray - which will soothe the skin and help repel fleas.


Why not visit DOGUE for a pamper?

Maintaining your dog's grooming schedule is important so if you don't have the time or if your pooch needs a haircut, taking your dog to the groomer is always a good idea. They will not only wash your pup, but they will clip nails, clean the ears,  express anal glands, trim around the eyes, and give a beautiful blow dry. Book at your local DOGUE for a pamper!
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