New Years Eve Pet Safety Tips

New Years Eve Pet Safety Tips

Dog fireworks

2017 is barking at the door!

New Year’s celebrations for the humans means fireworks, big gatherings and fun, all things we love about the holidays but for our furry friends it can be very stressful and frightening!

We pawed up some tips to ensure that New Year’s celebrations are barktastic not only for the humans but for our four-legged friends too!

Update identification

The risk for New Years is that pets will become frightened, get loose and become lost. Even if your pet is kept inside the very loud sounds of fireworks can cause them to enter an extreme panic mode, dogs have been known to breaking through glass windows and push through screens. Make sure your dogs are microchipped, have current contact information on their id tags and that their collars are fastened securely.

Keep Fido indoors

This night is different, remember, anxiety can surface in the most fearless of dogs. Try to keep your dog indoors with access to fresh water and toys to distract them. Why not keep the radio on or play a re-run of lassie to drown out those loud noises. When your pooch must go out to relieve itself, please go with them and use a leash with a snug fitting collar or harness. It is a great idea to do a thorough check of your yard in the morning, ensuring all gates are closed and secure.

Don’t share your food

Now we all know how much of a feast the humans have on New Year’s but it’s important to keep any alcohol and chocolate away from your canine as both are toxic.

Run and PlayDog party

Try and take your dog for some vigorous exercise! Get your neighborhood mate over for a play in the backyard or play fetch at your local dog park. After a good ol’ frolic Fido will be knackered and is more likely to snore their way through the countdown!

2016 is nearly over and we can’t believe it! What a year! We hope you have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve!!
Woofs and Wags,

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