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DOGUE Signature Neem Dog Grooming Collection

DOGUE Signature Neem Dog Grooming Collection

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Check out the perfect new addition to your at home dog grooming routine - DOGUE Neem!

When it comes to keeping your furry friend looking and feeling their best, there's nothing more important than regular grooming. And with our high-quality dog shampoo, conditioner, and spray, you can make sure your pup always looks and feels their best.

Our dog grooming products are crafted from the finest ingredients, designed to be gentle on your pup's skin and coat while still providing unbeatable cleaning and conditioning power.

Whether your pup has sensitive skin, coarse fur, or anything in between, our grooming products are the perfect choice for a clean, healthy coat. But our grooming products aren't just great for keeping your pup looking and feeling their best – they're also incredibly easy to use. Simply wet your pup's fur, lather up with our shampoo, rinse, and follow up with our conditioner and spray for a truly luxurious grooming experience. With our unbeatable quality, natural ingredients, and easy-to-use formulas, our grooming products are the perfect choice for any pet owner who wants the best for their pup.

Get this great collection as individuals or as a pack of three! All three of these essential dog grooming products are proudly Australian Made. 

DOGUE Signature Neem Shampoo 250ml- Luxurious, healing, all natural shampoo with organic Neem Seed Oil and Vitamin E.

  • Step one in your dog grooming
  • pH balanced gentle formula will not strip, dry or irritate the skin.
  • A great skin and coat cleanser which is ideal for everyday use and for all canine breeds.
  • Healing solution to treat, calm and soothe sensitive and irritated skin conditions.
  • Organic Neem Seed Oil promotes a healthy skin condition, and helps to protect against fleas, ticks, mange mites and biting insects.
  • Vitamin E conditions the skin.   
  • Fruit Acids give a super soft shiny coat.

Ingredients:  100% purified Neem oil, purified water, Coconut Betaine, Cocomide, Ethoxylated, Coconut Sulphate, Sodium Chloride, Ethylene, Glycol 7 Glycerine Sterate, Citric Acid, Vitamin E, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance, FD&C Green #5. 

DOGUE Signature Neem Conditioner 250ml - Luxurious, healing and protective conditioner with Neem Seed Oil, Vitamin E and fruit acids.

  • Step two in your dog grooming.
  • pH balance formula is suitable as a regular conditioner for all canine breeds to accompany the shampoo.
  • Light-weight formula keeps the coat refined and easy to style.
  • Organic Neem Seed Oil provides healing and helps to provide protection against
    fleas, ticks, biting insects and mange mites.
  • Fruit Acid seals the coat’s hair follicle to give a silky smooth and glossy finish.


 100% purified Neem oil, purified water, Glycerine Sterate, Cetyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Citric Acid, Vitamin E, Fragrance, FD&C Green #5. 

DOGUE Signature Neem Spray 250ml - One quick spray keeps the itches at bay!

  • Step three in your dog grooming.
  • Topical coat and skin spray enriched with Neem Oil and Sandalwood to provide soothing relief for skin irritation and inflammation
  • Strengthens natural protective mechanisms.
  • Super skin treatment to soothe and treat skin irritations – perfect for dogs with skin
    and coat issues including insect bites and skin and coat irritation.
  • Ideal daily treatment to reinforce the benefits of signature Neem shampoo and


100% purified Neem oil, Melaleuca, Sandalwood, Natural Wetting Agent, Purified water.