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Fit 'n' Flash Chicken Breast Fillet Dog Treat

Fit 'n' Flash Chicken Breast Fillet Dog Treat

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Dog Treat - Make your pets day with a delicious Fit n' Flash Dog Treat! 

These 100% natural, human quality dog and cat treats will be the perfect dried treat as a reward during training or as a delicious snack throughout the day. Your pooch can pick from our mouth watering range of tasty treats, proudly Australian made by Fit n' Flash.

Spoil your gorgeous puppy or kitty with their favourite Fit n' Flash Fish Fillet Dog Treat. The perfect natural and healthy snack to give to your pet.

Not only will your dog or cat adore the taste of these amazing Dog Treat, you can feel confident knowing that you are serving your pet the best of quality, ingredients and nutrition. Made using 100% natural human grade meats, these Fit n' Flash treats have great high protein levels and low fat to give as a tasty snack to any size dog or cat.

  • No additives, artificial flavours, artificial colours are preservatives are used in Fit n' Flash products.
  • All treats have been proudly made in Australia using human grade meats.
  • 100% natural, only the best for your fur baby!
  • Perfect as a rewarding treat during training or as a snack for your pet throughout the day.
  • Great for puppy training as it is soft in their mouths. 

Your furry friend will love this deliciously tasty chicken breast fillet dog treat. 

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  • Made with human grade chicken breast fillets and containing a very low fat content of only 2-3%.

Please Note that Fit n' Flash Dog Treat should not make up the main portion of your animals diet, make sure to give them nutritional meals as the majority of their diet.