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FurFresh Calming Meal Booster 200g

FurFresh Calming Meal Booster 200g

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Introducing FurFresh Calming Meal Booster 200g ‚Äď The Ultimate Pet Meal Booster for a¬†Nutritious Dining Experience!

Looking to enhance your pet's mealtime routine? Look no further than FurFresh Calming Meal Booster! Specially formulated with a perfect blend of 100% Human Grade ingredients, this meal booster is designed to support your pups behavioural and mental health.

What sets FurFresh Calming Meal Booster apart from the rest is its carefully selected blend of natural ingredients. With a combination of ginger, chamomile, passion flower and valerian it promotes a sense of relaxation in your furry friend. Forming the perfect dog food supplement to reduce uneasy or anxious tendencies from travel fears, weather related woes and separation anxiety.

Not only does FurFresh Calming Meal Booster help create a peaceful environment during mealtime, but it also provides additional nutritional benefits. Packed with the power of L-tryptophan, an essential amino acid, and mood supporting whole foods for a powerful supplement that is also gentle on stomachs and easy to absorb.

100% Human Grade Ingredients:

  • Chia Seeds (organic)
  • Parsley (organic)
  • Chamomile Powder (organic)
  • Valerian Root Powder (organic)¬†
  • L-Tryptophan (pharmaceutical grade)
  • Passionflower Herb Powder (organic)
  • Ginger Powder (organic)

Feeding Guide and Dosage 

Sprinkle the mix over wet or fresh food and mix. If feeding on dry food, mix with water, broth or a healthy oil and then pour over. 

  • Dogs <5kg = 3g/day¬†
  • Dogs 5-15kg = 4g-6g/day¬†
  • Dogs 15-25kg = 6g-8g/day¬†
  • Dogs 25kg+ = 8g-12g/day¬†

In one-off periods of high stress, dosage can be increased by up to 50% for a short period of time. 

So, why wait? Enhance your pet's mealtime experience whilst supporting their behavioural and mental health. Say goodbye to anxious pups and hello to a calm and content furry companion. Order your 200g jar today and discover the difference a calm meal can make in your pet's life!