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Indie Boho Travel & Bath Dog Towel

Indie Boho Travel & Bath Dog Towel

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Indie Boho presents the ultimate travel companion for your furry friend - the Travel & Bath Dog Towel. Designed with both style and functionality in mind, this unique accessory is a must-have for pet owners on the go.

  • Fur won't stick to the towel. No more dog hair through the wash!
  • Quick-drying (4 x faster than regular bath towels)
  • Super absorbent to dry off fur effectively
  • Double-sided reversible print 
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comes in a waterproof satchel or use the unique built-in strap
  • Machine wash in cold water and line dry

Crafted with the finest quality materials, the Travel & Bath Dog Towel by Indie Boho is ultra-absorbent, making it perfect for drying your pup after a day at the beach, a refreshing swim, or even a muddy adventure in the great outdoors. Say goodbye to soggy car seats and wet furniture with this convenient and practical solution.

This compact towel folds up neatly into its own waterproof carrying pouch, making it effortless to pack and transport. Its lightweight design ensures that it won't weigh you down during your travels. Whether you're heading to the local park or embarking on a cross-country road trip, this Travel & Bath Dog Towel is always ready for action.

Indie Boho understands that pet owners value aesthetics as much as functionality, whether the surf conditions are epic or you're chilling with your feet on the dashboard of the kombi van, let this design evoke feelings of a carefree time.

So, whether you're planning a weekend getaway or simply need a reliable towel for everyday use, this dog towel is the perfect companion for your canine friend, ensuring they stay dry and comfortable wherever your adventures take you.


  • 130cm x 80cm