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KONG Puppy Dog Toy

KONG Puppy Dog Toy

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Introducing the KONG Puppy, the perfect dog toy for young pups who are just discovering the joys of playtime.

This durable, chew-resistant toy is designed to provide endless hours of entertainment and mental stimulation, helping your puppy grow into a happy, healthy adult dog.

Made from soft, puppy-friendly rubber, the KONG Puppy is gentle on your pup's delicate teeth and gums. Its unique shape and texture make it easy for your puppy to grip and chew, while also promoting healthy chewing habits that can reduce destructive behaviour and help clean their teeth.

But the real magic of the KONG Puppy lies in its ability to provide mental stimulation and enrichment. The dog toy hollow centre can be filled with treats or peanut butter, encouraging your pup to work for their reward and providing a fun, engaging activity that can help prevent boredom and anxiety.

As your puppy grows and develops, so too does their relationship with the KONG Puppy. As they become more confident and skilled at chewing, they'll enjoy the added challenge of trying to extract the treats from the dog toy, providing an ongoing source of entertainment and mental stimulation.

And because the KONG Puppy is made from high-quality, durable materials, it's built to last even through the most enthusiastic play sessions. Whether your puppy likes to chew, fetch, or play tug-of-war, this versatile dog toy is up to the task.

    • Teaches appropriate chewing behaviour while offering mental enrichment
    • Soft puppy KONG rubber formula is customised for puppy teeth and gums
    • Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch
    • Great for stuffing
    • Recommended by veterinarians and trainers worldwide
    • Natural rubber
    • Made in the USA. Globally Sourced Materials.
Overall, the KONG Puppy dog toy is a must-have for any new puppy owner. It's a fun, engaging, and safe way to promote healthy chewing habits, provide mental stimulation, and prevent destructive playtime.