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Sushi Dangler Teaser Cat Toy

Sushi Dangler Teaser Cat Toy

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Introducing the Sushi Dangler Teaser Cat Toy - a tantalizing treat for your feline friend!

This innovative toy brings the charm of Japanese cuisine into playtime with two delightful designs: sashimi and sushi. Crafted with intricate detail, these toys resemble mouth-watering slices of your cat's favourite seafood, captivating their attention and curiosity. Each sushi is connected by a string so your cat will never lose them! Plus, catnip is included for extra stimulation.
Each piece is adorned with interactive crinkle material, creating an enticing sound that mimics the rustling of paper—irresistible to cats! The combination of vibrant colours and textures encourages your furry companion to pounce, swat, and engage in playful antics, providing hours of entertainment.
  • 7cm x 27cm
  • 2 Assorted
  • Linked Chain
  • Catnip Included
  • Super Soft Plush Material
  • Interactive Crinkle Included
  • Suitable For Cats Only

But there's more! Infused with high-quality catnip, this toy takes playtime to a whole new level. The alluring scent of catnip triggers your pet's natural instincts, elevating their excitement and ensuring they stay thoroughly engaged with this captivating toy.

Designed with safety in mind, these dangler toys are made from durable, pet-safe materials, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment without compromising your cat's well-being.

Whether your feline friend is an energetic explorer or a curious cuddler, the Sushi Dangler Cat Teaser Toy offers a delightful way to bond and keep them mentally and physically stimulated. Watch as they leap, bat, and chase after these sushi-inspired toys, providing both mental stimulation and exercise in a fun and interactive way.

Treat your beloved cat to the ultimate playtime experience with the Sushi Dangler Cat Teaser Toy - a fusion of fun, flavor, and feline-friendly entertainment!